Photographer Richard Corman captured the Material Girl in all her pre-Kaballah glory.  In the 1980s Madonna was at the top of her game.

These Photos Of Madonna In Her Prime Are Unreal

Photos of young Madonna by the photographer Richard Corman. Photos of young Madonna by the photographer Richard Corman.

Love Madonna...all eras...all her Vogue era the best. ;)

Which Madonna era are you?

Madonna Fashion Icon and Queen of pops. Madonna will leave with us her timeless style and her contribution to iconic fashion influence.

The Stockholm Metro’s Spectacular Underground Art

The Stockholm Metro’s Spectacular Underground Art

One of my very first cassette tapes! When doves cry... loved the 80's music

The 50 best songs from ’80s movies

Prince and the Revolution- Purple Rain blockbuster soundtrack to the classic movie. I wanted a purple suit specifically because of this album.and yes I did get one years later! Love the trim in flowers.

Billboard's first comprehensive record chart was published. The magazine had previously published best-seller lists submitted by the individual record companies, but the new chart combined the top sellers from all major labels. Their first number one song was ‘I'll Never Smile Again’ by Frank Sinatra and the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra.

She's the Queen of Pop and royalty on the Billboard charts. To celebrate Madonna's career, we've compiled an exclusive ranking of the diva's 40 biggest Billboard Hot 100 hit singles.

Signed photos of Madonna increased in value by 153.3% between 2000 and 2011 according to the PFC40 Autograph Index. #Autographs #investment #alternativeinvestment

16 Songs That Don't Mean What You Think They Mean

Madonna photographed by Herb Ritts in her iconic 'Vogue' pose. Madonna at her best I think.

Just beat it! So you think you know all the best songs from the 80s? Let's test your 80s knowledge! 26 80s songs to test your 80s music knowledge. Do you know all these 80s Lyrics? Do you know the best singers from the 80s? Let's see! Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna...

Quiz: Are You An 80s Expert? Try To Name These 26 #1 Hit Songs.

Just beat it! So you think you know all the best songs from the Let's test your knowledge! 26 songs to test your music knowledge. Do you know all these Lyrics? Do you know the best singers from the Let's see!

Madonna - True Blue - 1986  The album was an immediate global success, reaching #1 in then record-breaking 28 countries across the world, including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the UK and the US. It spent 34 consecutive weeks at the top of the European Top 100 Albums chart, longer than any other album in history. It became the world's top-selling album of 1986, as well the biggest selling album of the 1980s by a woman and remains one of the best-selling albums of all time.

Madonna True Blue on Limited Edition LP 180 gram vinyl pressing of the 1986 album that gave US the hits "Papa Don't Preach," "Live to Tell," and "Open Your Heart." True Blue was a mammoth

Madonna - Live to tell.  When Madonna was good. She used to write such good music about being confident and being a woman. Now there is no message.

Madonna - "Live to Tell" (Official Video featuring scenes from the movie "At Close Range" with Sean Penn).

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Madonna, (full name: Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone) is an American singer, actress and director. Madonna is also the ever-transfo.

Madonna - Like a Prayer.

amomadonna: Madonna's own hand written lyrics for the song Like a Prayer 1988

Madonna's directorial debut was the lush biopic "W.E." which detailed the life of Wallis Simpson & Prince Edward. It also provided Madge with the Golden Globe for Best Song from a movie for "Masterpiece" -- much to the chagrin of Miss Miss Elton John who famously stated before the awards that the song was horrid and had no chance of winning. The gif of his disgusted reaction when Madonna was announced as the winner is priceless.

Best Original Song - Motion Picture "Masterpiece" - Madonna (W.