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Made In Chelsea Music

Why New Zealand is mad for knitwear

Credit: Peter Hunt/Observer Chelsea Metcalf, musician Chelsea makes music under the moniker 'Watercolours', playing what she calls 'dream pop'.Q: Do you think Kiwis have a particular affinity with knitwear?A: I wish the affinity manifested itself with sheep running through the city but I suppose we have to make do with Merino-clad humans scurrying about their daily business for now.Jumper by Leutton Postle


Look at the newest addition to The Vinyl Factory Gallery Chelsea. Our very own Juke Box - ROCK-OLA Tempo Model 1468. Made in 1959 the Tempo is considered to be just about the ultimate in 1950's Rock-Ola Jukeboxes and plays 120 selections 45" vinyl. It still has the desirable "original improved Rock-Ola revolving record magazine" for the title cards. Now we have to send off some records to the factory to be dinked to be able to play them tonight at the gallery!


sade. I had a chelsea facelift for 12 years because i loved this lipstick, penciled eyebrows and black eyeliner, and when i went clubbing...large ring earrings....shall we use the word obsessed?


On the road with... Chelsea: It's the tie of the round - and Del Piero's wearing it