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I watch this show frequently... approximately 3 out 5 shows per week and her episodes are consistently available at Excellent political commentary, way left of center, just how I like it.

Welcome Home The Heroes - The St. Louis parade see also: Make January 28th Welcome Home the Heroes from Iraq Day PASS IT ON!

Simple technology could help solve gun crimes | MSNBC The problem with implementing it? Mostly, it's because gun buyers would have to register their purchase. Think about it. A car buyer has to register their purchase, AND pay yearly fees to keep it registered. WHY can't this be a simple YES, to gun registration?

from Martha Stewart

Thistle Cocktail

Martha and MSNBC host Rachel Maddow ("The Rachel Maddow Show") chat about the new presidential administration and make velvety carrot soup.

Key barrier to presidential impropriety: shame | MSNBC The Rachel Maddow Show This system is not designed for someone who doesn't care if people know that he's self-dealing. Watch the full clip:

On Election Night last week, as the consequences of the results started to set in, it wasn’t long before those involved in the reproductive-rights debate started the clock: Roe v. Wade, all of a sudden, seemed to have an expiration date.

the results of a new PPP poll which finds, among other things that Donald Trump is less popular than lice, and yet, contrary to media narratives about a party split, Republican voters are shown as likely to vote for him and even Republican politicians who said terrible things about him are eating their words and supporting him.


Russia was a super PAC for Trump! See