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This image creates a more busy looking character. However, i like the colour's used and i am inspired by the detailing of the hat which helps create the mad hatter character. This image also inspired me to use white liner in the eye water line to emphasize the eyes, making them look a little bigger.


Reserved for Raul Ceballos - Perfect Replica of Tim Burton's Mad Hatter Top Hat / Wedding / Party / Halloween/ Cosplay/ Valentine's gift

If you are not Raul Ceballos, please do not buy it!!!!!!! For limited time and it is an exclusive piece. There is just one. Youre all late for tea! With this Mad Hatter Hat, youll look just like Tarrant Hightopp! This top hat is inspired by Tim Burtons Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter! In the movie, the Mad Hatter is played by Johnny Depp! And who wouldnt want to look like Johnny Depp?! Its very high quality, and perfect for completing a costume or just to play with! Great for cosplaying…


Steampunk madhatter Hand made red colour Taffeta Top Hat with clock hands

Imagine That! Steampunk WoZ : LOVE the Hat lace-up (but would replace the belt/buckle with GOGGLES!


Burlesque, Gothic, Steampunk, Victorian, Showgirl, Moulin Rogue, Blue Navy Mini Top Hat Taffeta Iridescent, peacock feather


Steampunk Wedding Hat, Wedding Hat, Mad Hatter Hat, Steampunk hat, Wedding Fascinator, Alice in Wonderland, Mini Top hat, Steampunk Wedding

4" top hat - Steampunk style, decoupaged bridal hat, decorated with your choice of paper and colours. Birdcage veil included. Burlesque, Rockabilly, Retro, Vintage, Lolita, Tea Party, Victorian, Alternative, Unique, Gothic, scrapbook


First glimpse of carrot-topped Johnny Depp and balloon head Helena Bonham Carter in Alice of Wonderland movie

Alice in Wonderland directed by Tim Burton (2010). Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter