Mad Father Fanart Aya Drevis

Does anyone else get that strange feeling every once in a while where you just need to fucking kill some body ?

RPG horror female protagonists - Ib, Aya, Ellen, (I don't know the last two...I'll need to update as soon as I find out.)

RPG horror female protagonists - Ib (Ib), Aya (Mad Father), Viola (The Witch's House), Shiori ( The Forest of Drizzling Rain), Yonaka ( Mogeko Castle )

So I relate to this in way that I believe is different from the meaning of this. I have had dreams. Well a dream and a nightmare at the same time. The man I love comes into my sleep, and protects me and kisses me. If you look at her face, she seems unsure and rather nervous. For me this man I love, If the person who saves me from my nightmares, but also sorta scares me in a way

Mad Father Fanart Aya Drevis and Dio: "Goodbye Aya, may you be smiled upon"I love this piece, the game was amazing and kinda reminded me of the game corpse party you should go Check it out it's really great.

Mad Father - Dio | OF FREAKING COURSE.

Mad Father - Dio Kinda creepy, but really cute

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Mad Father - Aya and Monika

Mad Father Fanart Aya

grown ups Aya Drevis

RPG horror. kirisame ga furu mori, misao, ?, kaii syndrome, Yume Nikki, ib, witch's house, mad father. start/ load/ end

RPG Horror Game Protagonists (las unicas que se son Tanaka-chan e Ib)

Mad Father - Portrait

Mad Father - Portrait

Dio mad father

Dio mad father i'm oddly in love with him

Aya from Mad Father video game, aaaawww snowball!

Aya from Mad Father// oh the bunnie! Omg I loved how she had like hundreds of the same kind of bunnie without knowing