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Sherlock -The Six Thatchers

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tony is not a villain!! neither is bucky. i love tony and i always will.

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John and Mary - The Six Thatchers

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Sherlock - The Six Thatchers

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Sherlock and Rosie - The Six Thatchers

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Sherlock and Molly - The Six Thatchers

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The gamer experience: FPS vs cRPGS

Oh my god... Skyrim wasn't even funny. It was my first RPG (I never had my own xbox because they're super expensive) and it took me two hours. literally. I'm actually NOT joking.

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Roses are white, Night lock is blue, It's called catching fire, Not hunger games 2.

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My dad literally just asked a question about what our favourite fandom is on FB and there's like 4 that I am a part of so now I'm not happy I have to choose one xxx

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