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Even as a little kid I was totally fascinated by lynxes

The illusive Lynx in northern Norway #Scandinavia

The illusive Lynx in northern Norway Scandinavia

Lovely lynx out in the beautiful old forest as it should be! Such beautiful cats, lynx.

The Wolf hunts the Coyote — kingxen: ikwt: Lynx (Jiří Míchal)

Canada lynx, parent and young

Bobcat (Lynx Rufus) Mother and Kitten, North America Photographic Print by Tim Fitzharris/Minden Pictures

(The Lynx- Guardian of the North. Lynxes represent secrets and knowledge.)

The Lynx- my spirit animal guardian of the North. Lynx represent secrets and knowledge.

Lynx getting....(Explored, my 101th)

Clean Lynx is a happy Lynx

Lynx. Such a pretty kitty!

lynx ahead (captive) by Stefan Betz

Eurasian Lynx (Lynx lynx)

Eurasian Lynx (Lynx lynx) save our world's wild cats.Now it's too late.

Photograph Wild Nature (Lynx) by Aleksandar Vasic on 500px

Beatiful spotted Eurasian Lynx / Photograph Wild Nature (Lynx) by Aleksandar Vasic on

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40 Photos Of Animals In Love

I believe these to be Bobcats. The original photo is not identified. Bobcats are a lot like a small lynx-looking North American wild cat. They have the ear tufts and often a small ruff of fur on the sides of the face. Spots are common.

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Lynx Plus

Africa | Baby Caracal (African Lynx).  Wildlife sanctuary, Namibia | ©Ignacio Palacios

The Caracal (aka desert lynx) is a wild cat widely distributed across Africa, central Asia and SW Asia into India. The felid is considered threatened in north Africa, and rare in the central Asian republics and India.

Linx--such a beauty.

Looks like a Canadian lynx to me! Those snowshoe-paws!

beautiful-wildlife:  Love Me by Naturfotografie - Stefan Betz

beautiful-wildlife: “ Love Me by Naturfotografie - Stefan Betz ” Felis lynx Lince boreal (Lynx lynx) Lince rojo (Lynx rufus) Lince canadiense (Lynx canadensis)

Le côté doux des chats sauvages - 65 photos du monde des grands chats

Le côté doux des chats sauvages - 65 photos du monde des grands chats - Archzine.fr

Iberian Lynx Cat, Iberian Lynx Kittens,Iberian Lynx cubs,Lynx facts and images. The Iberian lynx is the rarest cat species in the world .

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tulipnight: “Eurasian Lynx high key by Cecilie Sønsteby ”