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Fifty-five year old Moti has lymphatic filariasis (LF). He has been living with the swelling caused by damage to his lymphatic system for more than 20 years.


Global Atlas of Helminth Infections | An open-access information resource on the distribution of soil-transmitted helminths, schistosomiasis and lymphatic filariasis


Elephantiasis, also known as Lymphatic filariasis is a tropical disease leading to an elephant-like skin swelling of the lower limb and genitals.Infection occurs when filarial parasites (worms) are transmitted to humans through infected mosquito bites. Infection is usually acquired in childhood causing hidden damage to the lymphatic system. The changes to the body can result in social and economic problems for the affected person.


Lymphatic Filariasis Disease - Carter Center Lymphatic Filariasis Program


Lymphatic Filariasis