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LYCON'S Founder and CEO Lydia Jordane showing off our incredible LYCOdream Hybrid Hot Wax at the Tokyo Beauty Show 😍💕


Big smiles from LYCON Founder & CEO Lydia Jordane, as she prepares to demonstrate a male leg wax with the one and only LYCON MANifico Strip & Hot Wax! #wax #hairremoval

How stunning is our Azulene Strip Wax! It has all the calming benefits of Azulene plus soothing properties from Chamomile plant extracts! #LYCON

NEW Lycon Lycojet Lavender Hot Wax 1kg in Health & Beauty, Shaving & Hair Removal, Waxing Supplies | eBay!

Made with 100% natural wax and essential oils LYCON is the fast taking the beauty industry by storm, the celebrity choice for hair removal. The LYCON hot wax pre-waxing oil applied before the wax creates a barrier between the skin and the wax, this means the wax is not being pulled with the skin, which …

Let your clients know the amazing benefits of waxing and grow your business with LYCON! Leave helpful marketing materials in your waiting room and share information on your website. #HappyWaxing #LYCON