Lyanna Mormont thinks Chuck Norris is a pussy

If Lady Lyanna Mormont had 3 dragons, the show would have ended 2 seasons ago. You go, girl!

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Game of Thrones: Lyanna Mormont of House Mormont on Bear island. Davos just said what we all were thinking.

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(GoT) + (Jon Snow) + (Lyanna gave birth to him and Lyanna put him on the throne)

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davidmbuisan: “ Season Finale was EPIC! ⚔ Art by David M. Buisán ” Cool Cartoon Art of Lady Lyanna Mormont of the Bear Island by David M. Buisan

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Lady Lyanna Mormont scolding the other northern lords for not answering Jon's call to arms - The Winds Of Winter Season 6 Episode 10

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