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"For years he had commanded men and knew the trick of controlling and throwing out tone. He knew others too. His fingers flowed over the shining wood, plucking, snapping; dipping the phrases into acid and wiping them pure again.

Both Hortensio and Lucentio disguise themselves as tuitors in an attempt to woo Bianca. Hortensio teaches Bianca music and was told to tune his lute while Lucentio spoke to Bianca about his intentions to marry her.

Caravaggio - Suonatore di liuto (Joueur de luth) c. 1600 Olio su tela, 102 x

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a 14 course Van Edwards lute

This lute represents when the suitors attempted to woo Baptista by offering tutors. Katherine was not impressed, shown by her smashing the lute on one of the tutor's heads.

English cittern, circa 1600. A stringed instrument dating from the Renaissance, descended from the Medieval citole, or citole. Its flat-back design was simpler and cheaper to construct than the lute. It was also easier to play, smaller, less delicate and more portable. Played by all classes, the cittern was a premier instrument of casual music making much as is the guitar today.

English cittern, circa A stringed instrument dating from the Renaissance…

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