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LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics. According to an annual Which? survey (2015), Lush has for the second year in a row scored highest for product range and quality, customer service and store environment, with staff described as 'helpful' and 'friendly', and the products as 'excellent'. Lush was also named 'Best in Business' at the Observer Ethical Awards 2014.

from Refinery29

Venture Inside The Largest Lush Store In The Entire World #refinery29 You have a lot of products that tackle problems like wrinkles and fine lines, but your descriptions never say the term "anti-aging." Is that a conscious decision?"Yes, because you can't say that. The only thing that's anti-aging, really, is don't go out. [Aging is] going to happen to you the minute you go outside. Life happens to your skin. You can delay it, you can slow…