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Despise Burpees? Do These 5 Exercises That Are Just as Effective

Obtén el trasero de tus sueños en sólo 5 movimientos

traseroejercicios Hazlos dos días sí y uno no, 3 series de 15 repeticiones cada una y verás los resultados


The Hardest Bodyweight Workout You’ll Ever Do

This routine’s 2:1 work-to-rest ratio optimizes both your workout and post-workout calorie burn, says the Men’s Health Fitness Director


1) Jump lunge - 20 reps 2) Everest climber (5 reps) to one leg push up (2 reps) - 4 sets 3) Split jumps - 10 reps 4) Wheel push ups - 5 reps 5) Pistol squats - alt. legs - 6 reps

43 Fat-Blasting Moves For Those Who Hate to Run

Great for shaping the legs and butt, jumping lunges can sometimes be intense on the knees. Hopping your fee...

Do This Move To Blitz Your Butt In 60 Seconds

Reverse Lunge and Kick

The Warrior Diet

#CrossFit home workout. Air Squats, sit-ups, alternating lunges, burpees, plank, mountain climbers, push ups, hollow rocks, jump squats and push ups. Get GREAT results with the Warrior Diet!