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luna guitar - flora lotus. beautiful, inlaid mother-of-pearl phases of the moon on the frets, and 12th fret ॐ symbol..basically perfect.

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Details about Luna Guitars Henna Oasis Spruce Series II Nylon String Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Luna Guitars Henna Oasis Spruce Series II Nylon String Acoustic-Electric Guitar in Musical Instruments, Guitars & Basses, Electro-Acoustic | eBay

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Luna Artistic Series Great Wave Concert Ukulele Luna Guitar

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Luna Guitars - Passionflower - OK, I secretly want to own a purple guitar some day. Something that screams peace and love and joy and reminds me to drop the gender constructs that society imposes and just enjoy a beautiful guitar like this one.

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Symbolism of Buterfly Guitar - The butterfly is a powerful symbol of potential, transformation, resurrection, celebration and lightness of being. It reminds us, with grace and eloquence, to embrace and have faith in inevitable changes in our lives. The butterfly unquestioningly embraces the changes of her environment and her body and emerges as a thing of beauty. The butterfly also combines fragility with strength. A tagged Monarch has been verified to have migrated 2880 miles!

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Luna Guitars - Moonflower Custom - Love this one! Teresa wants this too! My very favorite flower and this is the first year we didn't grow Moonflowers. My reward guitar!!

Luna Guitars Quilted Ash 12 String. 50% off May 15th! Purchase this acoustic guitar with preamp From April 15 - June 30, 2013 and you will receive your choice of a free acoustic amplifier.

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Vista Wolf by Luna Guitars

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Symbolism of Rose Guitar - The rose is one of the most important symbols in the world. A red rose represents love, respect, courage and passion.Luna Guitars' Rose embraces the sound hole and trails gracefully onto the lower bout. The red tinted abalone blossoms are stunning against the blonde quilt maple top. A remarkable instrument to give voice to your own love and passion through music.

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Luna Guitars Ukulele High Tide Koa Concert

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Luna Guitars - Safari Peace. ~This is the Luna I have. Very sweet sound, and comfortable to play.~

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Luna Floral Uke For the Love of Luna Guitars... #lunapinandwin #lunatribe #lunaguitars

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Stunning purple Passion Flower acoustic electric by Luna Guitars. My favorite color!

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Vicki Genfan Signature Guitar- my second Luna guitar. Love it! Gorgeous sound, plays like a dream, and is visually beautiful. Vicki Genfan is also a phenomenal musician and teacher, btw :)

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Luna Guitar - this is just like Jamie Grace's guitar :) I've been looking for one like her's for a while...The only thing I don't like is the symbol on the 12th fret

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