Ekranoplan - The 240-foot long Lun-class vessels were designed to skim just over the surface of the sea at up to 340-miles per-hour while carrying six, P-270 Moskit guided missiles meant to take out NATO ships. Rumor has it that Russia may try to put the aircraft back into production.

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We all know of the unbelievably massive Lun class ekranoplan? This type of vehicle called in Russian ekranoplan uses so called ground effect – extra lift…

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The Lun Class Ekranoplan is one of those vehicles that seems to large for life, almost like a James Bond villain's mobile lair.

The Lun-class Ekranoplane was used by the Soviet Navy starting in 1987, and wasn't retired until the late 1990s, after the Soviet Union's fall. (Igor113)

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Ekranoplan - Unique Soviet Wing-in-Ground Effect flying vehicle project. Kaspiysh, Russia on the Caspian Sea.

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