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BEARDREVERED on TUMBLR | bearditorium: Brendan. I have often wondered whether there are any guys out there who wear very convincing looking false moustaches and beards (and lase wigs) every day in order to look totally unrecognisable to give a different first impression. If I had the means, I have at least three or four different looks I would switch according to my daily mood. This look would definitely be one of my choices.

from The Tee Project™

White Single Tee

The Tee Project uses only the best 100% panel washed cotton fabric. Which means that the fabric is cut into panels and washed before we sew the tee. This eliminates 99% of the shrinkage. Yes, this is


It's the last day of November can you believe it?! We can't! We meaning Larry the lumberjack & cute is he?! My Christmas theme is kind of rustic chic so Larry was an obviously choice p.s. If you haven't asked Santa for my faux deer bag you need to I get so many compliments where ever I go & it's so spacious! #liketkit #ltkholidaystyle #christmas


Southern California, two gals dress for working in the garden in1940s. I like the distinctive head wraps that the women used to keep their hair clean and tie it back out of their faces.


Red and Black Plaid Flannel Giant Coffee Mug Wake up and feel like a lumberjack (by which we mean full of vim and vigor) when you have your coffee in this jumbo red and black flannel plaid mug. Great for a hearty soup serving, too!

from Apartment Therapy

Kevin's Natural & Nostalgic 450 Square Foot Singapore Apartment — House Call

Name: Kevin Location: Singapore Living in an urban concrete jungle the likes of Singapore means it is unlikely one can experience a slice of nature close to home. Yes, perhaps man made greenery abounds in the city, but natural landscapes are lacking in our space constrained island nation. I have always been fascinated about the idea of lumberjacks and mountain lodges. And I am a huge fan of the mid-century era, where fashion and design were at its purest.

Finifugal (adj) hating endings; of someone who tries to avoid or prolong the final moments of a story, relationship or some other journey


Fall Means Chili Bar!

Chili Bar: Cheese, sour cream, avacado, chives, red onion, oyster crackers, fritos, tortilla chips, jalapenos, fries, baked potatoes, hot dogs