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Fall 2012 Brown herringbone Chunky wool circular infinity scarf

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DIY Lululemon’s Vinyasa Scarf Tutorial. Easy DIY and only takes a 1.5 yards of fabric and snaps.

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lululemon how-to master your vinyasa scarf (10 ways) - YouTube

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scarves, Lululemon Vinyasa scarf, Lululemon, Lululemon infinity scarf

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$78 @lululemon scarf = major want for this winter! <3

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So far I have 3 of these Vinyasa scarves, LOVE them! Fun to have w/so many options of how to wear them!

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3 reasons to travel with the Vinyasa Scarf

NWT Lululemon Vinyasa Scarf Double Trouble Stripe Neutral Blush SOLD OUT

Lululemon Vinyasa scarf Double Trouble Stripe Neutral Blush

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Way to wear the vinyasa scarf from the lululemon fb page

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