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Luke- patron saint of artists, physicians, surgeons, students, was the author of the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles.


St. Luke the Evangelist (died 84 AD near Greece). Is 1 of 4 authors of Canonical Gospels of Jesus Christ. Based on his accurate description of towns, cities & islands, as well as correctly naming various official titles, archaeologist Sir William Ramsay wrote that "St. Luke is a historian of the first rank; not merely are his statements of fact trustworthy...[he] should be placed along with the very greatest of historians." Patron Saint of artists & physicians. Feast Day Oct.18. YBH


The Tomb of St. Luke the Evangelist, Thebes (Thiva), Greece


St. Luke the Evangelist Catholic Coloring Page. Patron of physicians and surgeons. Feast day is October 18th.


Oct 18 is the Feast Day of Luke the Evangelist. Painting by Vladimir Borovikovsky

Luke the Evangelist painting the first icon of the Virgin Mary.


Pray4Us2day #Saint Luke (Oct. 18) - Syrian Jew, follower of Jesus, gospel writer; said to be an artist and a physician


Church of St Luke the Evangelist, Cheste, Spain

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Our Lady of Częstochowa, Queen of Poland

August 26th is the feast of Our Lady of Częstochowa, a revered icon of the Virgin Mary and the Child Jesus said to be one of those painted by St. Luke the Evangelist (who was an artist, as well as a writer and physician) as Our Lady relayed to him the stories of Jesus' life contained in his Gos