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Reef Rider Luke Davis photographed by Brooke Dombroski

Seems like gravity was different in the 80's! #skateboarding


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The Eerie Shipwrecks of Namibia's Skeleton Coast

Atractivos turísticos del Mundo: Parque Nacional Costa de los Esqueletos. Ubicación: República de Namibia.


Matthew Davis : ❝A handsome boy who couldn't be more of an asshole❞


[luke powell] Walter James Davis is blind. Well, only sometimes. He can sense warmth, see your aura and sense how your life will turn out. When he uses those skills then he's blind. He looks 22 but he's really 1206. Older than most in the town, he is one of the wisest. But also one of the kindest. Kind of like a grandfather. Come to him if you need advice.


Luke Davis Hair Surfer hair

[luke powell] Walter James Davis hates almost everyone. If knew him, you'd know why. Being in a war has made him aware of all the things he hates. And most of them happen to be things people say or do. So you can see why he hates most everyone. He has a soft spot for square dancing and the waltz but he doesn't share that with just anyone. He gets all his bad behavior from his sister. They spent a lot of time together when she was alive. She even trusted him with her wedding ring. Even Walt…