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Luigis Mansion Dark Moon 3DS - Nintendo - CTRPAGGE

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Brand: Nintendo MPN: CTRPAGGE UPC: 045496742157 Category: Video Games - Videogame Software - Video Games


Luigi's Mansion (Nintendo), GameCube; action-adventure game made by EAD. It was the first Mario game to be released for GameCube. Released in Japan & North America in 2001, & 2002 in Europe as a launch title. takes place in a haunted mansion when Luigi wins a contest that he never entered. He tells Mario to meet him there to celebrate his victory- only to find he is missing. sold over 2.5m it is the 5th best-selling GameCube game in the U.S. Sequel 'Dark Moon' was released for 3DS in 2013.


Luigi's Mansion: Queen Boo