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Lucy Lawless (born: March 29, 1968, Mount Albert, New Zealand) is a New Zealand actress, activist and musician. She is best known for playing the title character of the internationally successful television series "Xena: Warrior Princess".

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Female body armor: covers less, but is more effective. How long before you saw the katana?

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I like that is, 'agents of shieldy, agents of shieldy, agents of carter, LUCY LAWLESS, agents of shieldy.'

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Lucy Lawless - LBD and brunette wavy lob...if I had a dollar for.every time I've been told I resemble her!

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"What's all over your hands?!" "Paint." "Wash that off, right now." "I tried, it won't come off." —Angie and Lucy

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Xena Warrior Princess - I like her because like me she was both good and bad according to her mood only difference was that she had Danelle.

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Lucy Lawless as a Valkyrie from Xena Warrior Princess. - FYI, as a student of Mythology, I HATED this show, but some of the costumes were pretty cool. Not to mention the loads of eye candy. Which still was not enough to get me to sit through a whole episode...

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