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neon sign outside church in hell's kitchen, nyc - I have an amazing photo of this a friend took for me


Be the Worst You Can Be Book

i so want one! this hermes pleiade horse paperweight is carved out of palissander wood which is rich in aromatic oils and a native of tropical regions of central and south america, africa, madagascar and southern asia. the wood…

The Nine Satanic Sins (Note: when he mentions "magic" he's not actually speaking of spellcasting, etc. etc. It's a nickname for a type of psychological manipulation expounded upon in the book).


Lucifer was the most beautiful angel before his fall and he disguises himself as an angel of light, as beautiful, as desirable, in order to entice us to sin. He is very cunning and understands us better than we understand ourselves. He is our enemy and a warrior should know his enemy. We fight a spiritual battle and need to know satan (lucifer) is against us.


Stone engraving in Vatican City with the 666 (ANTICHRIST) numerals within a Freemason Compass & Square. Just showing that their Masonic god is (LUCIFER/LIGHT BEARER). Walt Disney was a 33 Degree Freemason. Again that’s why Walt Disney promotes Satanism in (EVERYTHING) he & his company has ever created. (Revelation 13:18) “Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the Beast (ANTICHRIST/SATAN), for it is the number of a man


Trust breeds betrayal. People can smile behind their teeth, and it's a dog eat dog world; some people have bigger teeth than you do.