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Lsd dosage

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Micro-dosing LSD: The Drug Habit Your Boss Is Gonna Love


Good morning Tuesday! Hello Pallet magazine Issue 4. Its a premium print quarterly for people with curious minds and adventurous palates. Or put more simply those who like to think and drink. Pallet uses beer subtly as a conduit to the things we love: interesting conversation great writing science history photography music and more. coupled with eclectic content that stretches beyond beer pallet is for anyone who is intellectually nosey. In this issue: Its been scientifically proven that…

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Madonna Inn

MADONNA INN ~ Built in 1958 by Alex and Phyllis Madonna, the Madonna Inn is a Swiss Alp-inspired hotel/restaurant in seeming celebration of all that is garish and tacky in human taste. Writer Umberto Eco described the decor as “Albert Speer, while leafing through a book on Gaudi, swallowed an overgenerous dose of LSD and began to build a nuptial catacomb for Liza Minelli.”