Before / After Porcelain Bathtub restoration on the old house we are modeling...used a porcelain paint kit from Lowes department store . Turned out great. !!


hang headboard option: "cleat" from the picture hanging department at a large hardware store [I believe this particular one came from Lowes]. This one is designed to hold up to 300 pounds [so my 10 pound headboard should be secure!]. I chose it because it was the longest option, so the proportion was better. Then install the bottom section onto your wall [make sure it's level!!!] and the top section onto the back of your headboard [once again, LEVEL!].

Clearly Canada loves its department stores. Winners is the perfect place for fashion-forward people on a budget. It can take a while to sort through all of the store's merchandise, but when you score at Winners, you score big.

Lowe’s Hardware Sorry For Offering Segregated Delivery Service, All Fixed Now- "A Lowe’s department store in Danville, Virginia, was perhaps just a little too eager to please a customer who demanded that a black delivery driver stay away from her home, as some idiot at the store actually sent the truck back with a white crew so she could get her precious order of whatever the hell it was she bought. Thank goodness racism is over (except for Obama), or this might be an example..."

Lazarus Department Store -- The Colonial Room Restaurant on the First Floor, meant to resemble Colonial Williamsburg's Raleigh Tavern

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Bethel United Methodist Church

Bethany United Methodist Church, Lowes Crossroads In the early part of the 20th century, members of the Old Jones Methodist church began to search for a more central location for the congregation to worship. Although the land for the new church was donated by Sarah C. Collins in 1914, The name was reportedly taken from the church attended by department store pioneer John Wanamake, who had made a donation toward the completion of the this church.

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