Salt, which helps control the growth of yeast and contributes to the flavor of bread, is a very helpful ingredient (so salt-free bread is uncommon). Some natural breads may be low in sodium; check for them in the freezer section of the supermarket.Higher sodium: Amana 100% Stoneground Whole Wheat Bread. Per serving (1 slice):-- Calories: 110 -- Fat: 1.5 grams -- Sodium: 250 milligramsLow sodium: Ezekiel 4:9 Low Sodium Bread. Per serving (1 slice):-- Calories: 80 -- Fat: 0.5 grams -- Sodium…

Low-Sodium Food Swaps

Searching for low-sodium foods at the supermarket can be a time-consuming task. We& gathered 22 low-sodium foods to get you started.

Low Sodium, No Salt, Unsalted, White-Bread / Wheat Bread

If you have a bread machine it is a simple thing to make your own bread with out the salt and still have a good tasting bread.

Low Sodium French Bread Recipe (*sodium free) __Really hard recipe, but it looks worth it.

Sodium Free / Low Sodium French Bread Recipe - trying this with the split pea soup recipe.

Easy Low Sodium Country Biscuits |

Finally, a low sodium country biscuit recipe that actually tastes like a good flaky homemade biscuit and allows you to occasionally enjoy that Southern favorite

Avoid the Salty Six with this Whole Wheat Oat Bread A low-sodium bread that substitutes oat flour for white. I would think that it might not rise so high, but 2 tablespoons of yeast may make the difference. It also doesn't call for any kneading, which strikes me as a bit strange.

Easy Whole Wheat and Oat Bread