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Evergreen Plants and Garden Borders from Garden On A Roll Ltd. Great idea! Lots of other different planting schemes too.

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5 best easy-to-grow outdoor plants for beginner gardeners

Beginner gardener? Try one of these easy low-maintenance plants - they aren't fussy, don't need lots of watering or pruning. Just put them in the ground and leave them to it!

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The Only Shrubs You Need to Grow -

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Nandina domestica (Berberidaceae ) Also known as Heavenly Bamboo, Nandina is a low maintenance shrub prized for its oriental effect and di....

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17 Low Maintenance Perennials

Buddleia (Butterfly Bush). Buddleia are wonderful woody shrubs with large, fragrant, colorful flowers that attract a flutter of butterflies into your summer garden.

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10 Different and Great Garden project Anyone Can Make 8

Another landscape look for places where we don't want grass. I usually don't like rock as much as bark, but I do like the rive rock look here.

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10 Plants That Survive With or Without You

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Choisya x dewitteana 'White Dazzler', also known as the Mexican Orange Shrub, is a low maintenance evergreen shrub that's ideal for adding some floral beauty to a border or trellis. With lush dark green foliage all year round, Choisya x dewitteana 'White Dazzler' truly lives up to its name during blooming season, exploding with star shaped white flowers in late spring and once again towards the end of summer. Preferring an area in full sunlight, Choisya x dewitteana is a hardy shrub that…

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Cistus x hybridus, also known as White Rock Rose is a dense evergreen shrub that's low maintenance and perfect for adding some extra colour to a border or adorning a bare looking exterior wall. With small green leaves with a wavy profile, Cistus x hybridus produces large, yellow centred white flowers towards the end of spring or beginning of summer. Dense with an average rate of growth, Cistus x hybridus prefers an area with full sunlight that's either exposed or sheltered. Suitable for…

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