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High/Low - This photo is perfect. The shoe looks GIANT, but awesome. It's not so distracting that you can't understand what's going on. To me, it could be a clever fashion ad for the shoe, in a way. I also love the fact that it is in black and white because I think the contrast works in its favor. The shoe definitely looks larger than life and makes the viewer feel small.

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the red-light district of stuttgart, 2:11 am "Cité Noir" by Marcus Meyer, via Behance

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Viewpoints Probably 90% of all photos taken are shot from eye level. There are lots of good reasons to choose a low or high shooting angle. Follow our guide to varying viewpoints for tips on viewpoints to shoot low and how to utilize viewpoint to photograph from up high.

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I like this shot a lot, the filled background, the spot of red, the really casual pose. i'm also pretty into shots from low angles

HEADS UP: Drawing the Head from a low angle. by on @DeviantArt
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