Love Stage!!

Izumi in his Ryouma shirt ordering all the Ryouma things because he loves him. God this ship is beautifullll

love stage

love stage funniest throng I've ever watched for more on Love stage watch the Ova! Online it's a gut buster for laughter that one

Love Stage!!

--------------------------- Anime : Love stage --------------------------- Go watch it! ~ funimation is telling you to watch it ~

Love Stage!!

The stress is going to kill him. Quick, somebody call Shougo! <<< I thought we were trying to reduce his stress?

Love Stage!!

Anime Season: Summer 2014

The best homosexual anime I've seen yet (so obviously I've never watched Free!


A moment after Ryouma clears up the confusion, he reveals that Izumi is a boy and Izumi does a rather impressive quick change act right on stage


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