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Love Paragraphs For Her

And this, this is why I love Dorian Havilliard (throne of glass- crown of midnight). He loves Celeana so much that he just wants her to be happy,even if that happiness doesn't include him.

from Luvze

Cute Romantic Love Paragraphs/Letters For Him Or Her


You may not be her first, her last, or her only. She loved before she may love again. But - Bob Marley


"Although she could no longer see his face She could FEEL his LOVE LIFT her and carry her along as she walked & SHE KNEW that she was not really alone...". This is the last paragraph of something I wrote in the first year after Brad died. I've been wanting to put it on a painting for a long time. I thought it would be perfect for my widow sisters . #awp #americanwidowproject #widowsisters #youarebrave #artheals

How to Win Her Love For Good | Recruiting for Good, write a paragraph what you love most about the woman in your life....and chosen entry wins; beauty, foodie, and shopping rewards for her.


I love this post, especially the last two paragraphs. So true, "You love her in patience".