40 Pictures Of Cute Animals It's official: looking at pictures of cute animals is good for you - and your work.  According to the Wall Street Journal, researchers at Hiroshima University in Japan have found that photos of kittens, puppies and the like don't just make us feel better - they also help us to concentrate.

PHOTOS: 40 Cute Animals

Remember her? She is still there, inside you, waiting. Let's go get her!

My favorite things were climbing weeping willow trees, running through sprinklers, going down slip and slides, burning rubber on oir big wheels,building houses for the bugs in the garden and swimming in our pool

Things my kids say Monday - Earning Our Stripes

You're great at being you - no one can replace you, so keep it up It can be hard just being who you are in a world where you’re constantly judged and belittled for every little part of yourself. So congrats on making it this far as yourself.

Today's Angel Card & Affirmation Is "Self-Worth" - I am confident and worthwhile. ♥ Abundant Love, Blessings & (((Soul-Hugs)))- Jacqueline ♥ www.JacquelineJGarner.com ♥ Youtube.com/JacquelineJGarner ♥ www.Facebook.com/JacquelineJGarner ♥   To purchase this card deck- I have a link for them along with several free online card readings on my website at http://www.jacquelinejgarner.com/angel-oracle-card-decks-free-online-card-readings.html ♥

Todays Angel Card & Affirmation Is Self-Worth I am confident and worthwhile Famous Quotes For Success

Winnie the Pooh quotes for your wedding vows as seen on @offbeatbride #wedding #weddingvows #vows

Winnie the Pooh quotes that will hug your inner kid

Be warned: this is one set of love quotes that will conjure ALL your inner kid feels… hardcore. I may have gotten misty just sourcing these bad boys. Put on your and kid…

Quote on addictions: People are not addicted to alcohol or drugs, they are addicted to escaping reality. www.HealthyPlace.com

Alcoholism and addictions: People are not addicted to alcohol or drugs, they are addicted to escaping reality.

I hugged a man who rear ended me today. He asked me out on a date and told me he was fucked. I said I'd call him if I needed him. I think I made his fuck up of a day even though I said no thank you. He said " I don't want to let you go." I told him "it's ok."

Love Your Fucking Life Take Pictures of Everything Tell People You Love Them Talk to Random Strangers Do Things That You're Scared to Do Fuck It Because So Many of Us Die and No One Remembers a Thing We Did Take Your Life and Make It the Best Story in the

Giraffes are my favorite I think...

Animal pictures of the week: 8 July 2011

☮ ♥ (: Ⓥ -The cruelties our fellow earthlings endure at the hands of human kind.-The beauty of animals and nature. -Benefits of veganism. -The brain washing of human kind.-The entwinement of human and animal rights. Number of Animals Killed since you.

Makes me think if my lovely Charlie, our boxer who passed away recently. He's now living with the man on the moon and my daughter speaks to him every night xxx

Suyash ❤ I miss you so fucking much. I want all those memories and hugs and kisses back. I want my idiot back please. I love you so much.

cheetah hug

Cub: 'I love you so-o-o much, mum. (snuggle, snuggle) Mum: 'And I love you too, my precious one. Thank you for keeping my nose warm.

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How to be wild at heart