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Hiddlestoners: we're everywhere. <--Has anyone noticed that sometimes it takes him a few minutes to realize that he's being hit on, lol. its so endearing and adorable

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I love his smile @miniminter7 #SimonsBum #sidemen #SidemenXIX #SidemenFanpage…

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I just got this, and I've read this a few times. This is what Dumbledore says to Snape when Dumbledore sees Snape's patronus. Yes, my name is Amanda and I love the Harry Potter series.

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Still of Hugh Grant in Love Actually (2003) | Essential Film Stars, Hugh Grant

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Leonardo DiCaprio: Look Book

I wish that you put the effort to get to know me to actually WANT to be with me because you'd feel so wanted I'd love you so much I'll trust you forgive you be there for you I'll be we'll be soulmates forever young. Yeah? Because I would you just won't give me a chance to show you❤️

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