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Addax | Listed as Critically Endangered as the species is believed to have undergone a decline well exceeding 80% over the past 21 years. The total population is estimated at less than 300 individuals across the range, with the majority of the population in the Termit/Tin Toumma region of Niger. The population continues to decline due to ongoing threats of hunting and habitat loss. Along with the Dama Gazelle, this species is considered to be at highest risk of extinction in the near future.

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Thirteen years after they were listed as endangered in 1967, the last captive Black-footed ferret died, and the animals were thought to be extinct in North America. Then in 1981 a small relic population was discovered. Thanks to habitat management and captive breeding and reintroduction, there are now an estimated total of about 838 black-footed ferrets living in the wild.

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Animal pictures of the week: 30 April 2010

A Cute 3 month old Baby Gorilla at Louisville Zoo, Kentucky, who was injured several weeks ago is getting better as keepers care for her continuously

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Snow Leopard — Click on the image to see facts about this topic. Citelighter lets you save, organize, and cite all of your research online. #citelighter

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