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Captain Corelli's Mandolin reading. A bride's dad read this at a ceremony and it was simply lovely. At the end section, he said that this is what he and the bride's mother had in each other. #notadryeye

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story time: sO i was strolling through my tumblr feed and i see an ask that said "wait so louis is going to be a dad" and the blog owner basically replied "guess he isn't as smart as matthew" and im just sitting there like "lOUIS IS A SMALL CHILDBOY?!?!? THAT IDIOT". and then i see the tag. i thought it was louis healy. great job, louis (ToMiLSON)

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Harry styles and freddie/////// The way Harry looks at his nephew! Makes my heart melt.

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Suited and booted: The boys looked dapper in their suits as they tried to impress the royal guests

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Precious: Louis Tomlinson warmed hearts with a new picture of him kissing his baby son Freddie on Tuesday

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[ harry styles ] "hi! i'm harry potter jr! i'm 19. my parents are harry and ginny potter. my mom named me after my dad because he was a hero. i love playing around with my friends. i'm in a band with my friends, niall, liam and louis. i have a little sister named lily. intro?"

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Louis doesn't like him he is so tense but it is okay since I don't like Troy or Louis' "dad" either

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Little things-One Direction- Louis' Solo!!!! This is my favorite part of the whole song!!(:

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