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I am going to forever repin this this is so cute(Gif) so cute<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Lou and Elounor awwww <3 I love them


Hi im louis and im 19 and single. My bestfriend is Eleanor so if you hurt her i hurt you..and who is this justin..oh and im in one direction! introduce?


Grand Prix in Monaco with Louis & Danielle" by liamismybabe ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring Topshop, River Island, Chanel, Smashbox, OneDirection, louistomlinson and daniellecampbell


I've seen these pics sooo many times, and I never realized this... LOOK AT YOU GO EL YOU LIFT THAT ANGEL I BELIEVE IN YOU WOOOHOOOO


The first woman to ask for divorce and lead an army, Eleanor of Aquitaine (1122) lived until she was 82 (pretty good considering most died in their 40s). She got a formal education, which was really rare for women in that era. There are rumours that she poisoned her second husband Henry II’s mistress, the Fair Rosamund.


Only reason a pinned this is because I'm digging the girl taping this and pretending like she's trying to get a signal :)

This is huge Larry proof. You can’t argue with a video of 1) Harry crying 2) Louis and Eleanor getting their photo taken by some guy, 3) with this other person telling them where to stand, etc. How do you explain this, hm? (gif)>>>>I'm actually honestly tearing up at this! Poor Haz! LOOK AT ZAYNS HAND! He does the 'yea you've done enough damage' motion with it like 'keep on walking'