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10 Budget-Friendly Wedding Favors

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DIY: Scratch-Off Tickets

Make your own lotto tickets, wedding invites or even secret love notes!

Lotto Tickets

There's no other favor that will give your guests a thrill like a lottery ticket. Package the lotto tickets up nicely, perhaps in a pretty envelope or paired with a small snack. Giving them on their own may come off as tacky because the tickets aren't

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And don't forget those student loans and Lotto tickets and that $5 a day for Coffee at a Roadhouse

Bespoke Wedding Favour Scratch Card Holders

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Retirement Gift Basket Key Chain – For being a “key” to the workplace Marbles – To replace the ones you’ve lost Pillow – Because you’ve earned your rest Confetti – To celebrate the joys of retirement Seeds – For all your dreams to grow Chalk – To “chalk” it up as a job well done Mints – For a fresh look at retire”mint” Bath Salt – To soak up the extra stress Kit Kat – Because it’s time to take a “Break” Lotto Ticket – Supplemental Income Wine Bottle – Fountain of Youth Blow Pops - Work…

Dollhouse Muniature LOTTO TICKETS