Things I learned from LOST- Made this because I LOVE lost :)- lost tv show jack Shepard, Hurley Reyes, Kate Austen, sawyer ford, Benjamin Linus, mr eko, Clair Littleton, Charlie pace, Jacob, man in black, sun and jin Kwon, Bernard and rose Nadler, Richard Alpert, John locke, Vincent the dog, ,Michael Dawson, Walt Lloyd, sayid jarrah, Daniel faraday, miles Straume, desmond and penny hume, Danielle Rousseau, Alex Rousseau, Juliet Burke

Things I learned from LOST -Jack Shepard, Hurley Reyes, Kate Austen, Sawyer…

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LOST is still the best tv show ever, and it always will be. I will never understand why is stopped♡

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Desmond Hume- i believe love transcends time and i WILL see you again my brother, my sister...

One of my favorite characters on LOST, Desmond Hume. Portrayed by Henry Ian Cusick.

Lost. Finally finished watching it. Most amazing show I've ever watched. I cried for everyone who died. Amazing amazing amazing amazing show. I loved it.

30+ Of The Saddest Character Deaths In The History Of Television

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Although Lost made some of us cry, made some of us happy... it made us all see life differently.

I assert that ALL humans are flawed. Jacob could've simply picked anyone on the planet, if he were looking for flaws.