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That Time I Lost My Passport

The story of how I lost my passport and how you get a new one when you do.

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33 Travel Quotes To Inspire You To See the World

New moon intention... Must add, "surrounded by abundant love, health, and wealth. As I will it, so will it be!"

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I Lost My Passport Twice in Two Months

Somehow, I managed to leave my passport behind in two different guesthouses over the space of two months. And somehow, I managed to get it back.

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How Twitter Saved My Around-the-World Trip

My passport was lost in bureaucratic purgatory—until social media helped me find it.

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Don't Make These Rookie Travel Mistakes

Did your passport get lost or stolen? Here's what you need to get it back again. - Stockbyte/Jupiterimages


Three Bad Jacks - Gone Gone Goodbye Reminds me of the time Flor (AKA Goofy...pfff!) lost her passport @ev


Salzburg, unbelievable atmosphere. @Jess Liu Haggard I WILL be emailing you soon!! I swear!! I lost my phone in a gas station outside Linz on the west autobahn!!


Yes, that's what it's like to live with mental illness. You can never fully trust your mind. You have to learn to trust your body and your 6th sense instead.


Lost New Orleans: 48 vintage photos of lost local landmarks for #throwbackthursday |


LOL! My brother will be laughing so hard and dancing! Tchiiiiiiiiiip