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Lost Birth Certificate

Fritz, I understand you lost your glass eye but... Do you really think you are going to find it in this shit? ....Yes. It will wink at me.

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Haha FUN FACT the OP of this post is actually a huge cunt and lost it on a bunch of people for asking if they were missing a toe (:


The Strand (1896),London. Place of birth on my Grandfather's Birth Certificate from the poorhouse. Also notorious for prostitution London.

Obamas Ex-Boyfriend Blows Whistle! Michelle Is A Man & Obama Is Gay!! 2016


Irish Geneology Toolkit. Good info here, and later order Copy of Irish Birth Certificate: :-)


Forgotten Bookmarks: A Bookseller’s Collection of Odd Things Lost Between the Pages Michael Popek From actual bookmarks to photographs, ticket stubs, lists, scribbled recipes, children’s drawings, birth certificates, four-leaf-clovers, unsent love letters, and countless other funny, heartbreaking, and odd ephemera, this scrapbook of intriguing finds by a used bookstore owner Michael Popek opens a rare window into the private lives of anonymous strangers through snippets of their life…

from BBC News

Who, what, why: What happens when a country loses its 'birth certificate'

Fiji lost its "birth certificate"