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I've been on here already at the multiple deaths site. My mother,father,best friend of and my husband died within 18 months.

It will be words of encouragement, words of understanding, words to comfort your pain, words to still your fear, words that express just how much I love you...

IT IS [not] OVER

RIP to my husband Gary Lee.we will get to tell each other all the things left unsaid one day and what a glorious day that will be

One of the hardest things you will ever have to do, my dear, is to grieve the loss of a person who is still alive.

A close friend is one who can see pain through your eyes while others believe smile on your face. A true friend is one who can understand your feelings while you don’t have to speak a word .

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Emm... Really?! This is so inaccurate it hurts. I am ALWAYS aware of how things will feel, it's called "experience". What's more - this is a reason of my anxiety and panic attacks - being aware of how some situation will feel, how it will hurt and not being able to avoid it - it's the worse.

This describes emotions I feel everytime I think about how cancer changed my…

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Not afraid anymore. When I lose people in my pursuit of happiness, growth and completion, they never have been a true friend in the first place. That's no loss, that's clarity, that's losing excess weight.

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To Judelyn Frogoso: your imperfections didn't matter.i still loved you with all my heart despite and inspite of.

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Heartache. Real. True. Pain whether the loss is a death, end of a relationship.. Some things are difficult to overcome. Your life may go on, but you may never stop loving that person. (Ick, makes me sick to my stomach reading this since I've known both, but I needed to share)

The moment that you left me, my heart was split in two; one side was filled with memories; the other side died with you . Remembering you is easy, I do it every day; but missing you is a heartache that never goes away. I miss you Dad