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That means you're my past and I could care less about you being in my present or future. Friendship definitely not missed, I'm so un-bothered

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I miss everything that happened between you and me, it was all perfect until the day you decited to leave without a word. I miss you my ex best friend u we're great I'm sorry

I feel like I already pinned this but I love our story that hasn't endedbecause you haven't asked me out. Anyways met the idiot because my best friend used to like him and we were forced to sit next to each other in 6th hour and now we are friends >> I regret it bitterly. I shouldn't have let you break my heart.

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Yeah. Where are you? Why do you always just leave me alone and say that I hate you when you don't bother to interact with me?

You’re just somebody that I used to know (27 photos)

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It was painful but I know now what I deserve. You left me an did it so easy. Im happy you did tho. Because I met some amazing people that changed my life and helped build me instead of tear me down like you did.

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Funny, isn& it? All this time I& been afraid of losing you so I didn& even notice that I& already lost you.

When you lose a best friend, it's worse than breaking up with a boyfriend. Because you lose more than a heart, you lose a little bit of yourself

My bestfriend is my other half if i lose her then i have lost the other half of me.

There's nothing worse than losing** who you though was your best friend. They just wake up one morning and decide they don't like you anymore and just leave you. Ignore you. Hurt you. Break promises, and forget all those memories. It's truly sad,especially when you did nothing wrong. Don't worry about my feelings though, nobody else does

It's so hard when you loose a best friend! But Ill keep smiling for the people around me! And I learn from my mistakes to one I use to call my bestfriend to one I can't ever love the same way again.

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more than sometimes . memories sneak out of my eyes and roll down my cheeks

You asked her to go with us to meet your parents. You were going to pay for her when we couldn't even make rent. I slept for hours while you played xbox with her and all I did was cry and pretend like I didn't mind that my boy friend was falling in love with my best friend.

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You don't know how close i wanna be to you, i wanna tell you my feelings but you still have a wall. How can one boy control all my emotions?