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Losing A Loved One

How to Thrive in Times of Trouble

It's okay to grieve. It's okay to know that you loved deeply and are hurting because the one you loved is no longer able to be here with you. Embrace grief as a sign of your great love. Feel all the emotions that come with grief, experience it in the waves that it comes, and know that one day it will be okay. If not right now, then soon. - read:

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This goes for all the friends I've had to say goodbye to because of a move and to all the loved ones that have passed on. I've said goodbye way too many times :(

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No one has to pass away for grief to be felt. Grief is also losing someone you love deeply from your everyday life. XX

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How I wish we could still be friends Linda... How I miss you. My heart aches and i feel so lonely. But you walked away... It hurts more than you will EVER know my once closest friend. Take care and I pray it wont hurt me soooo much one day. Love A.G xxx 2/7/20115

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Learn to cope with daily life emotions...Example, #Swimming is the worst part of a triathlon, if you stop pedaling on a bike you coast, if you stop running, you walk, but if you stop swimming you drown. Continue everyday to be active and remember respect the "void" (in this case ..... grief).

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Losing one of my best firnd, sweetest babies, reasons for joy... all at the same time My heart is shattering- the price of love- please don't stay for me- i will love u forever

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