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This is my daily devotion to myself. If I truly cannot change something that stresses me out, I will not try to touch it. If I cannot change something, then I will learn to adapt around it. This quote perfectly describes my laid back persona.


One day at a time. That's all I'm asking from you. Just give me the strength. To do everyday what I have to do. Yesterday's gone and tomorrow may never be mine. Help me today. Show me the way. One day at a time.



WEARY WARRIOR I know this journey has not been easy for you. I know it has left you drained, and feeling overwhelmed. I know you don't just "think" it has been hard; “it has been hard.” You feel as though the trial you are going through will last forever. Trust in Me, it will not. Hold on, it is going to end. Your beliefs and your faith were tried in the fire. It seems as though as soon as you get up on your feet, you’re knocked down again. You believed; then you doubted, and then worked…


Whenever you do not understand what's happening in your life, just close your eyes, take a deep breath and say: "God, I know it is your plane. Just help me through it.

Girly-Girl-Graphics Christian Quotes: Lord, Enlighten what's dark in me, Strengthen what's weak in me, Mend what's broken in me...


Prayer for you: God, you know that my heart is heavy tonight and I'm worn out. I need you to show me how to keep my faith when I feel as though my world is crumbling. Show me how to love the unlovely. Help me to see the light when all I see right now is darkness. Set me on a new path and help me to see the all the goodness that surrounds me.


Dear Lord, Help me to keep going. each step gets harder but help me not to stop. I know the view is beautiful with you at the top.