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For most people, the holiday season is a wonderful time of year. It is often a time of family reunion, socializing, and celebration - a time when families, friends, and coworkers come together to share good will and good food. The season is meant to be br

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I get upset easily, I get anxiety easily, I get depressed easily, I get too attached easily, I push myself away too fast, I worry to much, I cry alone too often, I hate myself more every day.

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Queen Victoria: 'the secret picture'

A very intimate Queen Victoria by Xavier Winterhalter ", her husband Albert's "secret favourite picture", kept in his private study.....the public did not see this portrait until 1977!

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Right?!?! Chronic illness. Invisible illness. Thyroid disease. Silent illness. Spoonie. Illness. Sickness. SPOONIES.

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Cara Delevingne's Vogue Profile Makes A Big Error On Sexuality, Petition Says

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67 Books Every Geek Should Read to Their Kids Before Age 10

The Borrowers is a children's fantasy novel by the English author Mary Norton, published by Dent in 1952. It features a family of tiny people who live secretly in the walls and floors of an English house and "borrow" from the big people in order to survive. The Borrowers also refers to the series of five novels (The Borrowers and four sequels) that feature the same family after they leave "their" house.

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Connective tissue connects body parts. Performs many functions: protecting, supporting, & binding together other body tissues. Extracellular Matrix. Major connective tissues classes: bone, cartilage, dense connective tissue, loose connective tissue, & blood.

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