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Now this could come in VERY handy - The Non Slip Loop Knot. The strongest loop knot you can tie.

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Rosebud knot looped link earrings featuring intensely coloured raspberry jade beads.

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Knots by Dana Barnes | Textile artist Dana Barnes experiments with form and volume by felting, knotting, netting, tying, twisting and looping unspun natural fibres. The artist sculpts a mixture of turbulence and calm into organic shapes that are subtle in colour, but impressive in their presence. "Recalling the front porch vistas of her childhood, Barnes' large scale pieces suggest thick crop fields, rolled bales of hay, grazed hills and meadows, Spanish moss and gnarled tree trunks."

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Braid Edging stitch is used to edge hemmed fabrics. This stitch is worked from right to left with the knot and loop being formed as shown.

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Showing how different a french knot looks with different number of strands and loops My Sweet Prairie: Saturday Stitches

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White Calla Lily Boutonniere // Jenny DeMarco Photography // Boutonniere: Bouquets Of Austin //

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