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“So she became impulsive, scared by her inaction into perpetual action. She was scared, sure. But more importantly, maybe she'd been scared of being paralyzed by fear again."

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If you ever need a good cry, or if you want to be irritated and rude to the world for a week or two, read this book. It's depressing, captivating, and utterly frustrating. I would say I loved it, but I didn't. It's a love/hate relationship that we have. (Looking for alaska by John Green.)

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I read this book in like 3 days, that's how good it was. Couldn't put it down (although, I was ill...)

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"It's very beautiful over there." -Looking for Alaska. <3 The only words that matter. To me. Always.

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John Green is brilliant. How I love that man and all he contributes to the world! #dftba

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Looking for Alaska, John Green--I just finished this fantastic book. Had me in tears till 3 am :(

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Alaska says this to Miles. Miles would remember this quote very well because it is one of the only hints that Alaska may be depressed. Even though she jokes, makes the book quite humorous, and makes Pudge laugh--she reveals a vulnerable part of herself.

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