Long partial shaved leopard hairstyle

shaved sides w/leopard print dye- I used to wear my hair like this. Although w/out the leopard print, I admit.

eclectic undercut

Asymetrical with sidecut. also, this girl is gorgeous. I would personally not do the side shave

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Half Shaved Long Pixie

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Mid Shaved Sides + Textured Faux Hawk

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Shaved sides with long hair

For a more versatile shaved hairstyle, shave both sides of your long mane and tie it up in a pretty pony.

would never do it but i love it on her!

The Side Shave, cut about the crown of the head, above the temple, and shaved in a straight line to right past where the head curves to the back. From there it’s shaved in a slightly curving line to a little behind the ear.