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Viburnum tinus is an evergreen that forms a dense hedge up to 3-4 metres tall. The leaves are dark glossy green. Viburnum tinus produces masses of white flowers from pink buds for a long period from October until April. Any free-draining soil in sun or shade. Rate of growth: up to 45cm per year. Plant between 60cm and 100cm apart (approximately 2-3 feet apart). Hedges with plants 60cm apart "fill in" to form a dense hedge quicker than those planted 100cm apart.


Sedum Blue Pearl ('Sunsparkler') (PBR) - The colour of the fleshy foliage is reason enough to grow this drought-tolerant sun-lover, as it is a dusky shade of purple that intensifies as the summer progresses, providing a beautiful contrast to silvers and pinks. This plant is also valuable though for its long flowering season, producing small clusters of bright pink blooms, which are irrisistable to butterflies, bees and other pollinating insects.


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WALES Vintage Travel - Holyhead, Wales - Vintage Railway Poster LMS//.,mar16


Viburnum tinus 'Eve Prince. Evergreen shrub grown for its dense dark green foliage and flowers which appear over a long period from late winter to spring. The pink flower buds open to tiny, star-shaped white flowers, carried in flattened heads and these are followed by small dark blue-black fruits. It is shade-tolerant.


these are the best meditation cushions! they are ergonomically designed to give support to the parts of the body that are usually under strain/ pain when sitting cross legged for long periods of time...great DIY project


Salvia × jamensis 'Nachtvlinder' - Velvet-like plum-purple petals form hooded flowers over a long period in summer and autumn. Fully hardy in freely draining soils, this bushy shrub will become drought tolerant once established.


West Kennet Long Barrow. One of the largest and most impressive Neolithic graves in Britain, West Kennet long barrow was built in around 3400 BCE and used for at least 1,000 years. View down the central passageway to the west chamber, the largest of the five burial chambers. Distance from Shaftesbury to Avebury is 42 miles


Trethevy Quiot, Cornwall, England - known locally as the giant's house, it is a megalithic tomb consisting of five standing stones capped by a large slab.


'Vanessa Bell', c.1960 by Duncan Grant. The last portrait Duncan painted of Vanessa. After her death in 1961, Grant wrote to his friend Raymond Mortimer: "It's a very good thing I have such a long period of happiness to look back to, but I dread the emptiness ahead."