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Some of the Cat folk enjoy playing and interacting with the snow. One of our farm cats, Mitzi, would go out on very cold mornings when dry snow flakes were drifting down. She would dance about on her hind legs catching snowflakes, entranced, by them for long periods. Then she would sit and watch them land on her black fur as if admiring their intricate forms.

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Paper Plate Sea Aquarium

Summer is the perfect time to do some crafts and to have some family fun. Using some simple craft materials let your kids make this sea aquarium to remind them of their beach holiday. A really fun project, and really fast too! Ideal for those little minds that cannot concentrate for long periods on end. A great summer craft for kids to make!

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Shasta daisies bloom over a long period, from early summer until fall, forming tidy clumps from 2 to 3 feet tall and up to 2 feet across. The bright flowers contrast nicely with the glossy, dark green foliage, livening up any garden bed. The flowers are also suitable for cutting.

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these are the best meditation cushions! they are ergonomically designed to give support to the parts of the body that are usually under strain/ pain when sitting cross legged for long periods of time...great DIY project

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'Vanessa Bell', c.1960 by Duncan Grant. The last portrait Duncan painted of Vanessa. After her death in 1961, Grant wrote to his friend Raymond Mortimer: "It's a very good thing I have such a long period of happiness to look back to, but I dread the emptiness ahead."

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15 uplifting activities for people confined to bed

Elderly people who are confined to bed for long periods of time because of diagnosis or frailty often experience severe mood swings. They get tired of sitting or lying down, become bored with life and miss social contact with others.

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