I have 3 huge windows in our living room that have needed curtains for a long time, but I couldn’t find a curtain rod big enough to go all the way across them all!   My friend Meghan made her own curtain rod and told me it was easy, so I tried my own! (I …

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When we Moved into our new house we desperately needed to hang curtains in the bedrooms. It was August and the sun would heat up those rooms like an oven. The problem. we needed really long curta.

Curtains complete a room. They help control the light, lend privacy and warmth, affirm your style, and add texture and color. Maximize their benefits with these guidelines and make your window treatments the most they can be.

The Do's and Don'ts of Hanging Curtains

How to make a cheap, awesome, professional Curtain Rod

DIY Curtain Rod for Under $10

CUSTOM SIZED CURTAIN RODS -- use electrical conduit to make custom curtain rods, towel bars, etc. Paint it to match your project and add finials. Brilliant and cheap!

*POPULAR ON PINTEREST*- pinterest.com/industrialenvy  This curtain rod was designed to compliment nearly any decor. Many color options and sizes

Industrial Curtain Rod - Medium Industrial pipe curtain rod 49"- 96" long - Industrial rod - custom curtain rod - window treatment - curtain

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