Beauty can be found even in the hardest places...we must just open our eyes to see the beauty and our hearts to receive the light!

Black & White Photography - Beauty can be found even in the hardest places.we must just open our eyes to see the beauty and our hearts to receive the light!

Loneliness by Vadim Skapenko on Fotoblur | Fine Art Photography

This photo shows SPACE because the only subject in the photo is a person standing on an edge. The photographer purposely made the person small and placed him or her in the corner to represent loneliness.

2010, Fan Ho revisited negatives from the Hong Kong era that were never printed. By physically holding two negatives up to the light, Fan Ho would play with composition. Once he created something that pleased him he would place the sandwiched negatives on the scanner and digitize them together.

Critically acclaimed Chinese photographer Fan Ho spent the and taking gritty and darkly beautiful photos of street life in Hong Kong. His photographs are to be published in his new book “Fan Ho: A Hong Kong Memoir.

To go with my loneliness idea. Have to look through the cracks to see the isolation the person is feeling.

SPOTLIGHT: Yuliana Mendoza Yuliana Mendoza, aka Silence Effects, is an abstract photographer based out of La Spezia. Her photographic world is made by delicate and feminine evocative.


Night Windows art print small version window with the cat in it glows brighter and more powerfully than ever! hand signed open edition poster measures inches x inches hand made 3 color screen print on archival stock (glow in the dark i


It would be too easy to say that I feel invisible. Instead I feel painfully visible and entirely ignored.

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"The worst kind of loneliness in the world is the isolation that comes from being misunderstood. It can make people lose their grip on reality"-great description, wanted to keep it.

look girl “entrance” (photography by Yukihiro Yoshida)

look girl “entrance” (photography by Yukihiro Yoshida)