London Calling by The Clash (1979) | 42 Classic Black And White Album Covers

42 Classic Black And White Album Covers

Chuffed to Bits: The Definitive Top 20 London Songs (This list was the official soundtrack to my first London trip.

Paul Simonon of The Clash

Pennie Smith tells Nick Knight about her shot of The Clash's Paul Simonon smashing his bass guitar at the London Palladium

The Clash - London Calling (Official Video)... OUCH; I remember this one coming out! Where did I put that hair gel so I can spike my Mohawk!

The Clash - London Calling (Official Video). Where did I put that hair gel so I can spike my Mohawk!

London Calling yes I was there too and you know what they said? That some of it was true

The 100 best London songs

Ghost in the Machine: The Clash    London Calling. : ) Cassette tape on canvas, for Sam, 2009 (Check out the largest size to really see the detail)

Erika Simmons’ ‘Ghost in the Machine’ The Clash - London Calling (Cassette tape)

The Clash, 'London Calling'

100 Best Albums of the Eighties

The Clash, 'London Calling'

I think I've pinned this before. But it warrants multiple pinnings. London Calling.

The Clash - Clampdown Title: Clampdown (track Artist: The Clash Album: London Calling Year: 1979 Label: CBS Epic Legacy Writer(s): Joe Strummer Mick Jones Lyrics: The kingd.

The Clash - London Calling. The only band that matters.

The Stories Behind 22 Classic Album Covers

18 The Clash London Calling The best record to come out of punk. In this double album, The Clash fused their rockabilly roots with their love of reggae,This was the album that legitimised punk into the rock canon. Its iconic cover, and songs abou